Generation 6 Samsung 16kW Monoblock (65 degrees c)

Generation 6 Samsung 16kW Monoblock (65 degrees c)


Generation 6.0 Samsung 16kW Monoblock capable of 65 degrees Centigrade


Samsung have been producing air source heat pumps for many years and have now launched their 6th generation.  The monobloc range is available in 5KW, 9KW, 12KW and 16KW



The future proof Generation 6 range carries the highest possible ERP rating A+++, making them 2019 compliant today.  The new units incorporate DC inverter control allowing modulation down to 10%.  Weather compensation, concrete curing function, legionella protection, and hybrid operation.



These units are attractive to installers and end users alike because of their simple installation and smart control capability.



Samsung have launched a new warranty which means you will receive 7 years warranty (free of charge) for each unit that has been bought after May 2016.Please bear in mind there are certain procedures that need to be followed otherwise Samsung will not honour the warranty.


































The Mono Unit uses outdoor unit that includes the hydronic parts.
Therefore it does not require space or installation process for hydro units and the refrigerant pipes